Scientific Instruments and Sensitive Electronic Equipment

3PL Integration has over 30 + years of hands on experience shipping scientific instruments and sensitive electronics ranging from computer systems and banking equipment to high value scientific instruments. 3PLI has the expertise to handle even the most sensitive of moves.

Some of our specialized services include but are not limited to:
  • Air ride equipment ranging from tractor trailer to smaller, straight trucks
  • Stair crawlers and/or Rollo lifts for multi-leveled inside deliveries
  • Customized uncrating service with storage of used crate and packing material for returns and trial shipments
  • Pre-delivery inspection to ensure every piece is pristine, damage free and shock watches and tip/tells are not engaged
  • 2-man + for complicated and large piece deliveries
  • Debris removal and disposal service
  • Merge-in-transit service for multi shipper deliveries requiring consolidation of various parts for a single and complete delivery to your customer
  • Shipment preparation
  • Spare part and warehousing and distribution solutions
  • Blanket wrap services for uncrated instruments
  • Time specific delivery appointments to coincide with technician installations

Sensitive and high value electronic components require a higher degree of professional service and our team of hi-tech customer service experts exceed at this challenge. We understand there is no room for error and our redundant and multi-layered approach to these deliveries gives you the piece of mind that your company will be represented professionally and efficiently at point of delivery.