Company Profile

3PL Integration, LLC (3PLI) was founded in 2012 by executives from the logistics and supply chain industry. Our goal as a 3PL provider of customized freight forwarding and warehousing solutions is to streamline, shorten and optimize your supply chain process. By providing a full suite of logistics services and driven by a military precision to detail, 3PLI strives for perfection in everything we do. Our company mantra is to build trust and confidence with you and your suppliers enabling you to outsource the supply chain and distribution functions to the degree that you can focus more time to core competencies.

Companies today must continuously streamline and outsource non core-competency functions in order to stay competitive and to increase profit margins. The supply chain and warehouse experts at 3PL Integration encompass decades of domestic and international experience in planning, shipping, warehousing, delivery, reverse logistics and performance management.