Assets Recovery

3PL’s asset recovery services helps you to retire your legacy IT equipment in a safe and secure way. As life cycles shorten and business change, the demand for quick but precise handling of exchanges, replacements and surrenders of many different types of equipment is growing.

  • Many years of experience managing the asset recovery process for customers across the globe.
  • 3PL leverages our security expertise, environmental compliance and commitment to sustainability to help you remove, sanitize and resell, recycle or return your existing assets.
  • We provide a full range of data destruction and degaussing services as well as technical expertise in de-racking and re-racking your IT equipment.
  • Fully populated cabinets are no problem and 3PL can handle any size shipment with our network of padded van line carriers.
  • We have the scope and scale to manage the entire process, end to end, to save you the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors.