Reverse Logistics

3Pl Integration gives your purchasing and logistics professionals complete control over costs and the inbound flow of goods. Whether it’s just in time inventories, volume consolidations or a variety of inbound solutions utilizing multi-modal service options, 3PLI is your single source strategic partner.

  • By utilizing 3PLI reverse logistics services, you control your costs. We work with you to establish comfortable lead times and then design a logistics solution that satisfies this deadline. This dramatically reduces the need for expedited services and improves your overall supply chain efficiency.
  • With our complete global coverage utilizing strategically based agents, we significantly streamline the inbound and/or import process by having local representatives who know the market conditions and requirements communicate directly with your suppliers. You simply set the parameters of your inbound requirements and the 3PLI team makes it happen
  • Strategically based warehouses that enable you to consolidate and distribute closer to your customer base resulting in both lower delivered costs as well as improved delivery times. Since you only pay for the space used and on a transactional bases, slow periods due to cyclical periods in your business do not incur a fixed cost.
  • Real time tracking available 24/7 gives you the ability to track incoming shipments online so that you can Z using accurate information.

Customized reports to keep your finger on everything from costs to on time service performance.

3PL Integration – Cost effective solutions that enable you to better manage inbound operations.